These past few months have seen me get back to Pokemon again. Not the anime, but the games. And no, I am not a “genwunner” but the anime is not what it used to be.
So moving on, as Pokemon completed 20 years a few days back,I decided to lead off with the list of my top 10 Pokemon ever. This is a list of my personal opinions so you might not agree to a lot on this list. This list contains Pokemon introduced till generation six.
(Disclaimer-All artwork belongs to their respective companies and I hold no copyright over any of them)
10. Donphan

I love this Pokemon. Ever since I played HeartGold and SoulSilver and watched the anime, I loved this Pokemon. He is a perfect mix of power and good design. While designed on an Elephant, the focus on the strength than the size helps Donphan greatly. Added to the fact that this Pokemon has a pretty decent movepool, good attack and defense and bulky. Yes, it’s speed is awful but I personally love this Pokemon.

09. Lapras
Lapras is based on the Loch Ness monster and is an awesome looking Pokemon. It is a decent Pokemon. Not best for metagame and competitive battling but I choose Pokemon based on whether I like them or not first and then their viability. Lapras has a calm aura about it and while I haven’t seen anyone use one in a long time, is pretty high on my liked Pokemon list.
08. Heracross

How do you not love this bipedal insect warrior. With a great attack and defense stat and good speed, Heracross has been one of my favorite since the first time I saw him. I still use my Heracross competitively, even after 4 years so that should say how much I love it.

07. Talonflame

Each new generation of Pokemon, gives us the one mandatory flying type that will become a part of your team as long as fly is required. Except for Staraptor, not a lot of flying types are used in game. Talonflame is a design that is majestic, it is a very powerful Pokemon with a very useful ability and it breaks the normal/flying type rule. It stands out more due to the horror that was in gen 5 (*cough* Unfezant male *cough*).

06. Magmortar and Electivire

The reason why I coupled these 2 together is because, either one got an evolution since the other got one. I really like both Electabuzz and Magmar so knowing that the 2 of them got a final evolution was awesome. These 2 Pokemons are very well designed, they are viable in gameplay and competitively and look really cool to me.

05. Haxorus

Behold the majestic Haxorus!
Haxorus is an incredible looking dragon Pokemon. It’s fast, it’s strong and it looks like a freaking original dragon. Yes its defense is kind of bad but nothing that some EV and IV training can’t prevent.

04. Gogoat

Finally, a Pokemon based on a goat.
Gogoat is a strong and well designed Pokemon with good stats and good competitive viability. Plus it’s fun to ride around in X and Y.

03. Charizard X

The reason I am going with Charizard X and not Y is because I have always loved Charizard and the fact that it wasn’t given a dragon typing so that it wouldn’t be too uber always seemed too off to me. That’s why when Charizard finally got a mega that was a dragon type, I was ecstatic. They made a cool Pokemon, much more cooler and improved a few stats of it. All in all, he looks like a badass, just like he was supposed to be.
02. Froslass
It took Nintendo 4 generations to come up with the most obvious dual typing, ice and ghost but when they did, it was perfect. Froslass is a really cool design, combining the beauty of ice and the cold nature of the ghost type. It is not great in competitive battling but it still can be good if used right.

And the number one is !!!!! *Drumbeats*

01. Togekiss

Togepi was a cute baby Pokemon, Togetic was an okay Pokemon and then came Togekiss. With good special attack, reasonable defense and a killer ability, this Pokemon is incredible. With the dual typing of Fairy, this Pokemon now is on almost every OU team in the battling scene. Behinf this cute demeanor lies a monster to be unleashed. This Pokemon’s ability Serene Grace is so good and has saved me so many times, I can’t even count. I was once flinched 12 times in a row by a togekiss, so you imagine how good it is.

That’s all for now guys, I’ll come up with new content soon so please give it a read.
Thanks for reading 🙂