Before Batman V Superman released in theatres, I was one of the people who defended its credibility online against people who called it bullshit. So, I was highly disappointed with the disjointed debauchery that was BvS’s theatrical release.

Fast forward 3 months to the present day. Batman V Superman released its ultimate editions which contains 30 minutes of extra footage. I saw it yesterday and while it still has a few of the same problems the original cut has, it just goes to show why studios should not interfere with creative people. Batman V Superman ultimate edition explains a lot of the plot-points that seemed convoluted in the original cut. The entire scene in Africa is shown in detail and it gives a fresh new understanding of the senate hearing which had seemed pointless previously. The movie also gives a lot more breathing space to Superman’s character as you see his arc through the course of the movie and realize his struggle of finding out his space within the earth. There wasn’t a lot of extra footage for Batman or Wonder Woman although the relevance of the bat brand of justice is explained and why the criminals hate it. His dynamic in Gotham is also showed when Clark goes to Gotham to interview about the Batman.

Lex Luthor still comes off as a very overdone character as his character still has his (very annoying) nuances. There is an extra arc with Lex as he is shown to have created the whole situation in Africa. Lois Lane gets a huge improvement as her reporting skills are actually shown and she is not just the damsel in distress as shown in the original cut.

The biggest improvement is that because of a lot of explanations and showing Clark’s struggle actually invokes sadness at his death in the end. When I saw it in the theater I wasn’t too struck by his death but the ultimate edition helps in that regards as you realize how Clark has come full circle in terms of his identity.

All in all, the movie improves by leaps and bounds on this cut. The whole Batman imagining thing is not explained and is still a little ridiculous but I am hoping they explain it in Justice League. It certainly restores my faith in Zack Snyder a whole lot more as the problems in this cut, if originally released, would not have made it the terrible spectacle that it was made out to be earlier this year.