“Forget everything you know”

Doctor Strange, Marvel’s 14th movie, is an interesting film to watch. It is definitely a huge step for Marvel as they introduce magic and the mystic arts into the MCU. Magic has been an essential part of the Marvel mythos so it was about time they bring it forward.

Doctor Strange follows a very usual origin story so there are no suprises their. It is a good mix of Batman and Iron Man’s origins except it has really cool graphics. Origin stories mostly tend to follow a similar structure so don’t expect any thing different while watching this film, especially know Disney.

This film is a graphic beauty. Some of the sequences are absolutely gorgeous and you can see how Marvel is pushing their boundaries and making it believable at the same time, a balance that is quite difficult to maintain with a property like Dr. Strange. The sequences are psychedelic at times and is fantastic to watch as a viewer.

The film has a very strong cast. Benedict Cumberbatch,  Chiwetel Ejiofor and Tilda Swinton are absolutely great in their roles. I especially enjoyed Baron Mordo and I see his potential to be the next Loki like character. Rachel McAdams does not have a whole lot to do and was a waste of talent, common to Marvel female love interests. The film had a great actor like Mads Mikkelsen and they completely wasted his potential. What started out as a better villain than most Marvel films, turned out exactly the same and it is frustrating to see Marvel ruin great actors by making their villains so one-note. The MCU can take a page from their Netflix shows on how to make a villain. Seriously.

The movie isn’t the best film by MCU. It’s not even in their top 3 films (Cap 2, Iron Man and Cap 3). But it is a daring effort and it pays off well while making for an entertaining watch.

Personal Rating-B+