Magic is back!!

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is the first film of a five film series that will explore the rise and fall of Grindelwald at the hands of Dumbledore.

And also the story of a nerdy guy who’s way too much into magical creatures.

The movie is a delightful watch. It has quite a lot of flaws and the title is misleading in a sense as the film doesn’t have a whole lot to do with beasts as much as one would believe. It’s a purely set up film to showcase a world that has recovered from the great war (world war I) and we get to see a world terrorized by a new magical threat.

The film pays homage to the Harry Potter franchise in a lot of ways, be it ancestral names or symbols that pop up throughout the film that give it the idea of anthe interwoven film without being overly dependent on the original franchise.

Eddie Redmayne is a delight to watch as the dorky Newt Scamander in New York, 1928. You also get to watch the influence of prohibition and not at all subtle texts of hatred against a certain community by people from the majority. Sounds familiar? While most of the cast was fairly decent, Ezra Miller was severely underused in the film and I for one am salty that he didn’t get to zoom into the screen as much as I wanted to (Apology for the bad Flash pun).

Don’t expect a Harry Potter like charm though while watching the movie. The lead character has been a wizard for a while and is good at what he does no doubt, but his role in the film series is strange since this franchise will culminate with Dumbledore and Grindelwald fighting it out so not sure as to how Newt is going to be relevant going forward, considering he won’t be the protagonist in the upcoming movies by all means.

I would rate it as a B+.