“A demigod with super strength, speed, warrior training, insanely awesome gadgets on hand and graceful, Wonder Woman is a superhero who’s popularity has transcended and grown over 75 years to establish her as one of the most know superhero characters. “

2017 is a rather exciting year for geeks and nerds. With a plethora of movies being released, the year will be marked with some very iconic films that will grace audiences all over. For those who don’t know which all films are releasing (from a geek perspective) here’s a rundown:

*The Lego Batman Movie- February
*Star Wars Episode VIII- December
*Justice League- November 2017
*Logan- March 2017
*Ghost in the Shell- March 2017
*GOTG Vol. 2- April 2017
*Spider-Man: Homecoming- July 2017
*Wonder Woman- June 2017
*Thor Ragnarok- November 2017

There are a whole bunch more but you get the gist.

For me, the movie I am most excited about is Wonder Woman. Not because I am a huge fan of her or her story but what her film represents.

The release of Wonder Woman reflects a paradigm shift in a3695055-7236217694-aveng film genre that sadly has done a pretty bad job of representing women characters up until this point. Popular movie characters like Black Widow, Pepper Potts, Louis Lane etc have been, for the most part,
seen as damsels in distress in need of protection or unable to resolve the conflict by themselves. Yes, Black Widow is incredible but she’s never been shown to have a solo mission and is present in the shadow of at least one man.

When Avengers Age of Ultron was released, Disney apparently did not push for sales of Black Widow toys because, in their opinion, they wouldn’t sell. Clearly, the producers and directors have never been to a Cosplay before because Black Widow is popular. Google search it and you’ll see although I should warn that some of the results are way too graphic and disturbing.

Wonder Woman is a demi-God with incredible abilities and rooted in humanity and the human oct14_g12_wonderwoman-1-jpg__800x600_q85_cropspirit. She has been in publication since 1941 and has had a very significant fan following since. She was created two years after Superman (1939) and yet it took close to 75 years for a film to be made on her. There have been attempts in the past but except for a successful TV show starring Linda Carter, Wonder Woman hasn’t had her time to shine on the big screen.

Every previous film with a female superhero has been a catastrophe to the highest level. Be it Catwoman or Elektra, Hollywood has never been able to capture the fantastic nature of women heroes in the manner that they have done for the male characters. It should be 3259114-7109_yelektra_or_elektra_1024x768_www_gdefon_runoted that more and more women are being included in the film making process and with the involvement of women directors in female led superhero movies, it might be the dawn of the femme fatale but done right. Marvel is coming up with Captain Marvel starring Brie Larson in 2018 but it took them close to 12 years for a female-led film so it’s majorly disappointing from the studio that gave us Moana, Zootopia and Frozen (Didn’t see Frozen’s appeal but it was popular).

I am very psyched for Wonder Woman and I sincerely hope DC doesn’t go for a hattrick (*cough* BVS theatrical cut *cough*).

Wonder Woman releases June 2nd, 2017 globally.