“A franchise as popular as Harry Potter comes once in a lifetime. The films have been major money makers and vastly popular but there are some things that they missed or changed from the books.”

I will never run out of things to write about Harry Potter. At this point, I have read the books and watched the movies so many times, I know the faces of the extras used in some of the films. It’s my badge of honor, to be honest.

Coming back to the article, I compiled a list of all the things that the Harry Potter movies got different from the books. There are a whole lot but I have listed the one’s I believe were severe differences. If you disagree to any of these or have anything to add, please leave a comment below.

If you are a Potterhead, there’s a good enough chance that you are acutely aware of the differences stated below. For those who don’t enjoy the list.

  • Peter Pettigrew doesn’t die in the film

In the book Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, when Harry and Ron are in Malfoy Manor’s basement and Hermione is being tortured by Bellatrix, Peter Pettigrew goes to the basement to check on them and is ambushed.hpe1cd55f928_80954570_o2 After a tussle, he has an opportunity to strangle Harry but he hesitates and the metal arm granted to him by Voldemort interprets it as weakness and strangles and kills Peter. While the death is never shown in the film, Peter played a pivotal role in Harry’s life with his betrayal and his death was a payoff that the film didn’t acknowledge.


  • Harry breaks the Elder Wand in Deathly Hallows Part 2

In the film, after the war of Hogwarts, harry_elder_wandHarry explains to Ron and Hermione why the Elder Wand never responded to Voldemort.
He then progresses to break the wand so that nobody could have it. In the books, however, he fixed his actual wand and the Elder Wand was never broken.


  • Tom Riddle’s life

7931cf2d852088b0c0fa58207aadfc3bThe most disappointing part of the Half-Blood Prince was when the film skipped over Voldemort’s story.
His mother and father’s story based a major part of how Voldemort came to be and his disgust with Muggles and the film skipped that entire portion, which would have given a more understandable reason of why Voldemort is who he is.


  • Percy Weasley’s conflict with his family

wb_f5_percy_weasley__hp5d-6118In Order of the Phoenix (the book), Percy had an estrangement with the Weasley’s since he was appointed as the Minister of Magic’s assistant and believed that Voldemort’s return was a hoax. This led to him being shunned by the Weasley’s (and the Order) and was a very important part of the Weasley storyline. The film never addresses this, not even as a hint.


  • The Quidditch World Cup

In Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Harry, Hermione and the Weasleys went to watch the Quidditch World Cup being played between Ireland and Bulgaria.gof_conceptart_williamson_081 The film showed a magnificent stadium with a fantastic build-up to the world cup but then completely skipped over the tournament.


  • The Marauders and the Animagi

In book 3, it is revealed that, in order to keep Lupin company during his transformation, James, Sirius, and Peter became animagi’s in the form of a stag, a dog and a rat respectively. This is why Harry’s Patronus was a stag as it represented his father and why he thought his dad rescued Sirius and him at the lake. The movie never reveals this and creates a huge disconnect with the plot.


There are a lot more differences, to be honest, but these are the ones I believe were bad oversights on the producer’s part. If you know more or want to add to the list, leave a comment below.


Thanks for reading J