This last weekend has been a truly crazy bunch of days for me. I got pickpocketed and my phone was stolen so that was a real bummer. I spent the weekend running to the police station to get a report filed and then was looking at phones and cursing my luck, the whole time.

But I did get to witness something incredible on Saturday.

While standing outside a rather crowded cyber cafe to register an FIR, I witnessed a few ladies standing under the hot sun with a huge vessel serving Pulao (a traditional rice recipe prevalent across India) to the less fortunate and the poor.

On enquiring with one of these women, she informed that this was an initiative taken up by the women of a few surrounding localities and they came together on holidays and festivals to distribute food to the poor every year. Festivals like Lohri, Diwali, Shivratri were mentioned by them but it seemed there were a lot many days that they did this.

These women are from different walks of life. Some were quite old, some very young and are a mix of working and home makers but they all came together, under the sun, to look out for their fellow man.

It was unfortunate that I didn’t have a phone (stolen *sigh*) to take a photograph but they set up shop at Sohna Road in Gurgaon opposite to JMD gardens.

The reason I had to write about this was because these are people who are fighting the good fight. It’s not a daily setup but to sacrifice your own holiday to help someone else celebrate is humanity at its finest.

And for that, ladies, I salute all of you.


P.S. The Pulao was damn fine.