Okay, so this post is almost three years old but this blog isn’t so lets do this.

I have no shame in saying that I watch this show in sickness, in health, when I am bored and when I am sad. Hell, I watch HIMYM episodes on the drive from home to work and vice-versa. How I Met Your Mother is a show that ties with Seinfeld for my top sitcom of all time (Sorry Friends fan, I love HIMYM a little too much).

After the show ended, there was a lot said about the ending. For the most part, people disliked the way the show ended and I understand why they did so. But this post in not about explaining or justifying their dislike, this is about why I enjoyed the ending.

HIMYM was a show that was never about Ted or the mother. The show was about life and its unfailing beauty even in darkness and sorrow. Ted Mosby was a plot device to expand on one idea, that when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade out of it. The show wasn’t afraid to portray this idea. Be it tackling with death (Marshall’s dad) or depression, the show portrayed the idea of life being always messed up and having the ability to find some kind of satisfaction in it.

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Ted and Robin were a good couple from the start. Yes, the relationship did get messy and cringeworthy after a while towards the end but they still had strong moments. For me, Ted finding his way back to Robin felt natural since, in a lot of ways, Max was the mother’s Robin i.e. the one that got away. The idea was that great relationships can last a day or for life but they will create a lasting impression. Most people assume that Ted and Robin getting back was Ted’s way of saying that he did not love the mother.


That’s plain stupid.

In 2030, Ted would have been a widower for six years. Ted’s love for the mother exists but his life should not have to come to a standstill because of that. Ted was always ready for Robin and all Robin had a soft spot for Ted for a long time.

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There were three different kinds of relationships explored in the show. The first was the never ending and forever together kind of love between Lily and Marshall. Then there was Ted and Tracy, the relationship that defined his life which was short lived but his most meaningful.

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Finally, there was Robin and Barney, a relationship that Barney needed more than Robin in order to understand himself. As Barney once said, “If it wasn’t Robin, then it was never going to happen”. That is the crux of their relationship, one based on love but driven down due to two excessively adamant and headstrong people.



One valid criticism was the way Robin and Barney’s divorce was handled. Yes, that pissed me off too. After 23 episodes of a wedding, having to find out that they separated without any coherent explanation was annoying. I do believe that the showrunners should have wrapped up the wedding midway through the season and covered Ted’s romance and Barney and Robin’s story to give us some better sense of why it happened.

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