This is a spoiler review so be warned

“It took 17 years to give us the Wolverine film we deserve”

Logan is the third film of the Wolverine spin-off franchise and Hugh Jackman’s seventh appearance as Wolverine in a full-length feature film. And by jolly, this is his best one.

Logan is a tale of redemption, love, passion and sacrifice. It is a story of one man’s final chapter as he comes to terms with the mortality of life and the irrevocable feelings and emotions that surround it. When the film begins, Wolverine is a man who’s let go of the world, living a simple life and waiting for impending doom. Through certain situations, he has to do one last good thing before time runs out, that thing¬†being protecting Laura aka X-23.

The film is a testament to Jackman’s portrayal of Wolverine. From his first appearance in X-Men as a hardcore, lone-wolf kind of man trying to figure out his life’s story, Jackman’s Wolverine in Logan is a man who will go to any lengths to protect the people he loves. It’s a well made send off to this titular character of superhero movies.

The film is beautifully shot. From the rustic, desolate scenes of El Paso to the mountains of North Dakota and Canada, there are extremely well-shot scenes, some which are more moments than scenes, giving them a much lasting impression (something BvS tried but failed miserably). The soundtrack is well done and the dialogue is powerful and sometimes feels like a reflection of Jackman and Patrick Stewart themselves rather than the characters that they are portraying for the last time.

Dafne¬†Keen as X-23 is the breakout character of the film. She doesn’t have much dialogue but she has the spark and the characteristic to continue the Wolverine franchise in the future and I hope Fox makes more film with her. She truly is a badass.

Patrick Stewart’s portrayal of Charles Xavier will surprise people. Most of us remember him from the X-Men films as a calm, composed and very sophisticated character so to see him as an aged, crippled, somewhat deranged, cussing old man is a welcome change and a great way to explore Xavier’s character as well as show the audience, an alternate version of the professor. Patrick Stewart is a great actor, well know for his role as Picard in the Star Trek franchise, and it truly is a sad moment to see him go.

Logan has its flaws. The villains aren’t very compelling and the action is a little jagged at times. But it is also a very uplifting film. It’s a story that has come to a full circle and finds a perfect way to let it go. Even after its flaws, it’s a very good film. It is the Dark Knight of the Fox X-Men franchise and the best film in the franchise yet.

The ending of the film will hit you hard. I won’t spoil it but when you watch the last scene, you will be teary-eyed or like in my case, tears will roll down.

Watch it in cinemas. It isn’t a film, it’s an experience.