Fan Fiction at its finest 🙂

DC Elseworlds

Nightwing has always been my favourite Robin. This story takes place long time ago when Dick Grayson was still a kid and Bruce Wayne was in his mid 20s. Once again I dnt own DC or Warner bros. Neither their prize baby ‘THE BATMAN’. Enjoy!!!

The nights were cold for the duo as they walked the streets of Gotham City as a fresh sheet of snow placed its self along the ground and roof tops of the dark moonless city. Robin sitting on the roof just above Gotham City bank looked to Batman and said, “You know Batman this outfit isn’t that great for winder snow.” Robin looking back down to the seamlessly empty streets, trying to guess the time he came to the conclusion it was at least close to three in the morning, and with a sigh he looked at Batman again, “I have a test tomorrow morning…

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