As a guy who feeds on comic books, geek culture and thriller films, Chuck is like a wet-dream come to fruition, albeit with a few hiccups along the way.

Chuck tells the story of a computer nerd/salesman who becomes host to all of CIA’s and NSA’s deepest and darkest secrets through a series of unfortunate events and uses this knowledge to fight crime and keep the world safe.

For every comic book enthusiast, the premise of this story mirrors a lot of comic book characters- an unwilling hero who rises to the occasion after some initial hesitation and becomes a hero. The series embraces this in its entirety and provides a show that is silly, awkward, funny, thrill-ish, sexy and weird at times.

And it works!

The show, for all of its nerdiness, pivots its story on one thing- the eternal dream of every nerd to be with an attractive, smart and dangerous woman. The show incorporates this with subtlety and heart and special props to Zachary Levi and Yvonne Strahovski for selling Chuck and Sarah’s love story.

The show has a stellar supporting cast and their story arcs are equally, if not more, interesting and well planned out. Shout out to Jeffster, my new favorite television show band, and all their weird and overly sexual-but-funny comedy. Adam Baldwin and Joshua Gomez are both well fleshed out characters and it’s satisfying to see their stories pan out across 5 seasons of awesomeness.

There are a lot of loopholes and plot fallacies in the show. At times, you will question the logic that is at play. But, with the conviction and charm that Chuck gives out, it’s hard to hold on to these plotholes and you will give in to the ride.

Watch it for its fun premise, its heartfelt moments, its character development and its ending.

The scene will singlehandedly make you cry.