I have a weird love-hate relationship with the TV show The Flash. I love the character but I hate the soap-opera drama that the CW show employs. In a show about a guy with super-speed, romance and whining should be the last focus.

I started watching season 3 of The Flash after having seen the first 3 episodes of the season last year. I am impressed with how long the showrunners have kept the secret of Savitar’s identity which makes it obvious that it’s someone we know since the producers always give us a backstory episode of the main villain (Thawne and Zolomon) and we haven’t seen one yet.

I am 75% sure that Savitar is Barry Allen, probably from the future. Here’s why:

  1. Savitar’s Costume is too similar to Barry Allen’s future costume which he wears in The Flash Annual (Vol 4) 3. The blue lightning and the structure is similar and while it might be a red herring, it’s the closest hint.
    Future Flash; Image Credit: ComicVine

  2. The villain trifecta: Eobard Thawne affected Barry Allen’s life in a devastating way by killing his mother. Barry’s story begins from the point this incident takes place and season 1 was his attempt to fix that past or to counter it at the very least. Hunter Zolomon aka Zoom was the man who screwed up his present by killing his dad and by breaking his trust as well as others. Savitar is someone whom Barry is fighting to prevent the future from happening. The way to tie the past, present and future storylines for Barry would be to face him off against himself. In his quest to be a good person, it would be devastating for him to realise that he becomes the very thing that he hates. It would also be an interesting way to fuel future storylines as Barry tries to be a better person to avoid being the person he is destined to be.
  3. Caitlin Snow aka Killer Frost trusts Savitar the moment he steps out of the suit. While Ronnie seems obvious, I doubt the producers would go that way since he has been long gone and it won’t be a surprise reveal in the way they have been claiming it to be. If Barry is the villain, it would make sense that his transformation from good to evil would resonate well with Caitlin since she has had a similar arc.
  4. Savitar remembers the Flashpoint Timeline: The only speedster who remembers that is Barry himself.
  5. Savitar is the first speedster: Guess who else was the very first speedster? Barry Allen himself. His future self could have just gone back in time to take the philosophers stone to make himself Savitar.

There are a few other possibilities and complications that arise from this.

  1. If Barry is Savitar from the future and if he changes the future, does Savitar not exist and thus, neither does this timeline? Do we have a second singularity issue here?
  2. It could be Zoom as well, just a different version of Zoom. Maybe it’s the Earth-2 version of Zoom seeking revenge for what Flash did to Zoom Prime?
  3. It could be the Barry Allen from the flashpoint universe. Not the version we see but the version that had a mother and father and his timeline got wrecked when Flash Prime changed the past and took his place in the future.
  4. If Barry is Savitar, who trapped him in there in the first place?

Or it could be Iris West with speed going back as Savitar to end The Flash from becoming a melodramatic and whining idiot (wishful thinking, sigh).

Thank you for reading 🙂

UPDATE: I am so glad I was right again!
(I predicted Zoom as Jay Garrick in season 2)