This is a spoiler article of Flash season 3 and deals with the identity of Savitar. Walk away if you haven’t watched up to episode 20 and don’t want spoilers

The fact that Savitar is Barry makes me both happy and sad at the same time. On one hand, Savitar being Barry opens a lot of possibilities and goes into a different problem of time travel, which is the paradoxes that affect the future. On the other hand, the CW shows don’t have the best track record of churning out complicated stories in a believable way and I am sceptical about how the season would be resolved.

Anywho, coming back to Savitar and Barry.

Barry being Savitar is certainly a problem from a time travel perspective. I mean, if you know that the hero you are rooting for is going to be a villain, you feel less obligated to support the guy. Which makes me think that the Barry in the Savitar suit is not the Barry from this timeline but from a different timeline.

Currently, there are 4 different timelines that have been mentioned on the show:

Timeline 1: Barry becomes Flash in 2020 (Original Timeline)
Timeline 2: Eobard goes back in time to kill Barry’s mom and season 1 occurs (First Changed Timeline)
Timeline 3: Flashpoint
Timeline 4: Post-Flashpoint (Current Timeline)

Jay Garrick from Earth-3 mentioned that he had heard about Savitar as he is part of ancient history. If there is one thing we know, it’s that whatever time change occurs in one universe doesn’t necessarily affect the other universes in the multiverse (as shown by Jesse Quick and Wells from Earth-2 being unaware of changes made due to Flashpoint). That made me think that if Savitar existed before season 1 took place, maybe Savitar is Barry from Timeline 1.

I believe Savitar was imprisoned in the speedforce by the Flash in the original timeline. When Eobard and Flash changed time respectively, Savitar didn’t get wiped from existence because he was in the speedforce. Since the speedforce is a metaphysical being that exists without constrained by time, it allowed Savitar to exist without removing him.
If you don’t know or don’t understand the speedforce, watch this video by Comicstorian.

There is a problem with my theory.

If Savitar is from an alternate timeline, how does he know everything that the Barry from the current post-flashpoint timeline knows if he never experienced them?

While I am unsure about this, I think the reason why Savitar knows everything is because he has become a part of this timeline and somehow, that inclusion is allowing him to experience all of these memories which he might not have experienced in person. In person, being the operative word.

Let me try to simplify this because it sounds a lot clearer in my head.

Post-Flashpoint Barry is Savitar’s current past and that is allowing him to access all the memories that current Barry is experiencing.

The reason why he is killing Iris is because that probably was the way it occurred in the original timeline and he is trying to ensure his existence and current-Barry’s ascension to becoming Savitar. Sort of completing his circle of life.

This is just an operative theory but I would love to be correct again 🙂

PS- It’s kind of nice to see The Dark Knight being referenced indirectly in the show “You either die a hero or live long enough to become the villain.”

Thanks for reading.